Terms and Conditions of Occupancy


All persons signing in (“The guest”) agree to these conditions and acknowledge that these conditions extend and apply to any person/s occupying or visiting the apartment or complex and or using the facilities at the invitation of or with the authority of the guest.

  1. Charges must be paid by cash or credit card before occupancy commences 
  2. A cash bond of $250 ($1000 during schoolies) or valid credit card details (not Visa debit) is required at check-in
  3. Occupancy starts and finishes on the dates shown on the trust receipt
  4. Guests will be liable for payment of any charges incurred and for replacement or repair costs for any damage or loss to the apartment and its contents or any Body Corporate property
  5. The apartment must not be used for any unlawful purpose
  6. All guest names must be indicated on check-in. The number of guests may not exceed the number of beds provided
  7. Any evidence of smoking or vaping will incur a fee equivalent to the cost of cleaning and tariff for the number of days we can’t rent the apartment afterwards
  8. Guests are not permitted to have parties in the apartments or on common property
  9. Only the number of people shown on the receipt may stay in the apartment overnight
  10. No animals are to be brought onto the complex by guests or their visitors
  11. Neither the Body Corporate, The Manager or the apartment owner is liable for any damage or loss of property which a Guest may sustain while on the complex
  12. The by-laws, rules and regulations of the complex and any reasonable direction of the Manager must be complied with. Including but not limited to: 
    1. All visitors must be announced to management and No visitors are permitted in the apartments after 9.00 pm
    2. No loud noise is permitted after 9.00 pm
    3. Nothing to be hung on balcony railing
    4. The apartment must be vacated if after receiving a warning any guest fails to comply
    5. There is no entitlement to refund for early departure
  13. The Manager may inspect the apartment at any time with reasonable notice and at any time without notice if of the opinion that there has been a breach of the conditions
  14. The Manager and the apartment owner are not responsible for any misdescription of the apartment or the policies of 3rd party booking agents
  15. In the event of the guest cancelling the booking, a refund of the deposit (less admin fee) will be made if 7 days notice is given unless it is high season when 42 days notice is required
  16. The guest authorises the Manager to charge the credit card supplied for any loss damage or monetary contribution for which the guest is liable under these conditions
  17. If the occupancy ends or is terminated, the Guest must immediately vacate the apartment. The Manager is authorised to do whatever is required to enforce the eviction of any guest and removal of their property
  18. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay without an adult

After hours check-in policy: 

  • Payment in full must have been received. 
  • Guests are required to text (to 0408151365) or email ([email protected]) a copy of your valid ID and imprint of your credit card. 
  • We will pre-authorise the bond on your credit card.

No Party and Excessive Noise Policy:

Excellsior and Sailfish Cove apartments actively enforce a NO party and NO excessive noise policy. No parties of any kind are tolerated on these premises. Any person/s found to be creating excessive noise, having a party in their apartment or exceeding the number of permitted guests and or visitors will be evicted without a refund at the discretion of management. Any subsequent damage will be charged to the guest. Management reserves the right to evict a guest and/or visitors without previous warning. The following list of examples in which management may evict a guest without warning:

  1. Intoxication and unsavoury behaviour
  2. Physical or verbal assault towards staff, residents or other guests
  3. Willful damage either in the apartment or on common grounds
  4. Any incident for which the police /security needs to be called onto the premises
  5. Any behaviour posing a threat to others
  6. Ignoring advice to reduce excessive noise (Ie. music or other loud poses)
  7. Throwing objects from balconies
  8. Smoking, vaping or drug use in buildings or pool and common areas


Release of Liability (as signed by the registrar, on behalf of each guest, at time of check-in)

I, on behalf of all guests staying in “Apartment“ (as described on the guest registration form), agree to adhere to all restrictions of Booking and Occupancy, Body Corporate By-law and Noise and parties policies and accept eviction as a result of any breach to the policy outlined above. I accept that I am personally responsible for the actions of my guests, this includes any persons known or unknown that I allow into the apartment. I hereby agree to pay for any damage and repair costs (including loss of rental revenue) that may occur as a direct result to my/our stay in “Apartment“ (as described on the guest registration form). Please note your refusal to sign this form does not exempt you from liability in any shape or form described above.